Do You Know about TPE Gloves?

Sep. 07, 2021 | 00:00:00

TPE glove

TPE glove

The latest revolutionary type of disposable gloves that reach the market are TPE gloves or thermoplastic elastomer gloves. They are a thinner, smoother, softer plastic used to contact surfaces. These disposable gloves are elasticated and stretchy, allowing long-lasting employees of TPE gloves to use them for longer periods of time.

The TPE glove thermoplastic technology

The TPE glove thermoplastic technology molds this substance on the heat source like a fingertip, so it fits your hand and encourages your flexibility at work. Workers in the food industry or people who want substitute polyethylene gloves that are cheaper.

For companies buying in bulk, TPE gloves are cheaper and thinner. Those bulk gloves are particularly suitable for the handling or preparation of food products from vinyl options.

TPE gloves are made of thermoplastic elastomer. This glove is a new type of PE material developed in 2009. It looks a lot like vinyl gloves, but thinner than vinyl gloves. TPE gloves are soft and strong, and more elastic than other PE gloves.

The performance of TPE gloves

1. More suitable than polyethylene gloves

2. Save on vinyl gloves

3. Smooth and soft grip

4. Disposable and durable

5. Weight is about 1.8 grams

6. Suitable for food processing


TPE gloves are used for daily hand protection, and nitrile and latex gloves are used for mission-critical frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic-related glove storage.

As the global demand for personal protective equipment continues to increase, we must all find ways to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to the basic staff who need PPE-mainly those in mission-critical medical positions.

It is important that we keep nitrile and latex disposable gloves for health care workers and first responders, and at the same time determine appropriate alternatives for the general population and those who do not have high requirements for personal protective equipment. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are an excellent alternative because they have several characteristics that make them an ideal alternative for hand protection in everyday settings. In particular, TPE gloves combine high ease of use and extensive chemical resistance to become an affordable and recyclable product that is comfortable for the wearer.

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