[Gloves for sale]The harm of static electricity to human body

May. 21, 2019 | 10:15:49

The harm of static electricity to human body shared by the Gloves Hand Moulds Base China.

Household Gloves Production Line China reminds that don't think static electricity is just unpleasant, experts warn. It can have negative health effects. Had had medical expert research to prove, cutaneous electrostatic interference can change the normal potential difference of human body surface, affect the normal electrophysiological process of cardiac muscle. This kind of static electricity can make the patient aggravates an illness, lasting static electricity still can make the alkalescent rise of blood, bring about skin SAO to urticant, pigmentation, the airframe physiology that affects a person is balanced, the mood that interferes with a person waits.

Household Gloves Production Line China

Some hospital dermatology associate professor says, the office white-collar face erythema that runs computer everyday, pigment is AD cool-head the person that wait for facial disease comes on probability is far prep above need not computer, this is the electrostatic that produces as a result of computer screen attracted a large number of suspension dust, make facial be stimulated cause.

The elderly are more susceptible to static electricity due to their relatively dry skin, aging cardiovascular system and weakened anti-interference ability. The cardiovascular system is already a variety of lesions in the elderly, static will make it worse. Too much static also often makes people restless, headache, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, cough and so on.