Practical tips for finger covers

May. 28, 2019 | 16:34:38

Practical tips for finger covers shared by Latex Gloves Production Line Exporter.

1. For waterproof, please check whether there is air leakage, blow into the cover, and then pinch the mouth tightly to see whether the cover has become smaller, if the same small, that no air leakage, can be used.

2. Do not wear it for a long time. If you feel fingertip distension, numbness and purple, remove it immediately and lift your finger up.

3. After dry, can be used repeatedly.

4. Put some prickly heat powder or talcum powder to lubricate if it is difficult to wear after repeated use.

5. Take it from the top down, so that it is easy to take off and not easy to break, so that you can wear it next time.

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The contraindication of finger cover and attention:

1. Avoid sharp objects such as needles, scissors and toothpicks.

2. Avoid contact with oil lubricants, such as vaseline, baby oil, bath fluid, massage oil, butter, etc., to avoid affecting the performance of natural latex finger covers.

3. Daily and industrial finger covers shall not be used for medical use or sexual life.

4. Finger covers used for medical and sexual purposes shall only be used once and shall not be reused.

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