How The Glove Counting Machine Works

Jan. 18, 2024 | 00:00:00

An automatic glove counting machine can be used in plastic gloves and PVC gloves production lines. This equipment is special automatic equipment designed for the glove production lines. The work that needed more than one worker can be done by one machine. And it can improve the quality of the product and increase production efficiency. The company also developed and produced a series of glove production line supporting equipment. It solves the phenomenon that it is difficult to recruit and employ workers in factories nowadays, unlocks the manpower from the tedious labor, and improves productivity.

How Does it Work?

1. The counting machine has two rows of glove catching and counting devices. The speed of the glove grabbing and the speed of the assembly line match each other.

2. After the gloves on the assembly line are half off by using the molding machine, the gloves are started to be grabbed by the glove counting machine and the sensor starts to count.

3. Every time grabbing the specified number of times, the gloves that have been folded and counted on the pick-up table are automatically transferred to the worker and directly loaded into the glove packing box.

4. The action is controlled by a PLC microcomputer. When there is no glove in the counting machine, the program will automatically deduct the number of unpulled or empty hand molds. The final number calculated on the display is the actual number of gloves pulled off by the counting machine.

Glove Counting Machine

Notes on glove counting machine

1. Do production training.

The glove counting machine of each production and management unit should organize production meetings to resume production. Especially in high-risk industries such as hazardous chemicals, should strictly implement preventive measures. Responsible for the measures, the development of supporting emergency plans, and strengthening the drill. After returning from vacation, it is important for employees to shift from psychological awareness to work. For employees who return to their original jobs after vacation, knowledge training and re-education should be conducted to ensure that each employee has basic product knowledge and is familiar with the work hazards of the corresponding job type.

2. Do production inspections.

Be sure to check the facilities. Fire emergency facilities, various instruments, pipes, valves, oil depots, and storage facilities for hazardous chemicals, and plant areas. Check the markings inside the plant and internal markings in the warehouse, and make special inspections of electrical wiring. Inevitably, after a long vacation, various cleaning operations are performed when work and production resume. During this time, all production and operations units must not employ employees to wipe down equipment and floors with white power, Tina water, and other flammable liquids. Then, when cleaning septic tanks, septic tanks, and water tanks, it is recommended to strictly enforce the strict rules regarding limited space operations.

3. Strengthen the special investigation of fire hazards.

The climate is dry and rainfall is low. This is a high incidence area for fire accidents. After the holidays, all production and operation units must pay special attention to fire prevention. Establish a sound fire prevention responsibility system and strictly perform fire prevention responsibilities. Eliminate illegal operations, avoid illegal use of fire, oil, electricity, and gas, and organize evacuation drills regularly. Improve personnel self-defense and self-rescue ability.


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