Often Wash Hands or Wear Gloves, How to do the Protection of Hand Skin?

Apr. 30, 2020 | 10:42:15

Because of the work needs, the hands of medical staff frequently wash and disinfect hands, wear gloves for a long time, and become dry, rough, and cracked. It is distressing to see the full.

With the continuous spread of new coronary pneumonia, the number of confirmed cases of infection continues to rise. It is not just medical staff. As ordinary people, we also use the usual protective methods such as masks, gloves, hats, etc. Some damage to the skin is unavoidable.

How to pay attention to skin protection and care under the new crown epidemic? The latex gloves production line manufacturer shares for you:

First of all, as the time and frequency of people wearing gloves increase, the skin diseases caused by wearing gloves will increase accordingly.

Because the glove is completely sealed, the moisture is directly in the glove after being discharged from the skin. The long-term humid environment and the warmth of the skin body temperature can easily induce fungal infection.

The most common disease of skin fungal infection is hand ringworm, which manifests as itching and blisters between the fingers and palm skin.

Due to continuous scratching, skin flakes, erosions, and scabs can appear. The skin damage can start from the local area, gradually expand, and the center slightly improves, but the edges continue to expand outward, showing an arc or irregular shape.

At the beginning, only one hand may appear, and after a long time, it may spread to the other hand.

People who often need to wash their hands or wear gloves should pay attention to the following items:

1. Gloves must not be worn for a long time, and should be removed in time after contact with a potentially polluting environment;

2. Wash your hands in time after taking off your gloves, and use a dry towel to dry your skin after washing to keep it dry;

3. Pay attention to the skin care of your hands. You can use hand cream after washing your hands, especially in winter, to prevent skin cracking and fungi to enter after destroying the skin barrier.

Chinese Household Gloves Production Line China

Chinese Household Gloves Production Line China

Some patients can also induce eczema on their hands due to wearing gloves, mainly because:

1. The ingredients in latex gloves such as mercaptopropithiazole, epoxy resin, etc. are susceptible to skin sensitivity, and allergic contact dermatitis and eczema appear;

2. The sweating eczema is formed due to abnormal skin perspiration due to long-term wearing of gloves;

3. The formation of eczema due to long-term wet immersion of the skin. It manifests as symmetrical blisters, erythema, and itching of the hands, which can spread to the entire hands at the sides of the fingers and palms.

Hand eczema and hand ringworm are easily confused. Generally, hand symptom eczema is likely to be rash. If necessary, you can go to the general hospital dermatology department to do a fungal examination to confirm the diagnosis.

Attention should also be paid to the local care of the hands:

1. Those who are latex allergic can wear a layer of plastic gloves inside when they wear gloves, and take off in time after handling the pollutants

2. Pay attention to keeping the skin dry, and try to avoid alkaline irritating detergents such as soap when washing your hands;

3. Pay attention to the dryness of the finger joints when towels are used to dry hands. Normally, a mild moisturizer can be used to keep the skin moisturized.

How to protect the skin of the hands when washing or wearing gloves frequently in the case of new pneumonia?

In short, everyone should pay attention to other infections such as fungal infections in addition to the prevention of viral infections in special periods, because the skin barrier function is more likely to be infected with viruses after the fungal infection.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the above related matters when putting on and taking off gloves and cleaning the hands. We protect our hands and skin as well as part of the fight against the new crown epidemic. Our company provides high quality chinese household gloves production line china. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us