How to distinguish the pros and cons of latex gloves?

Jun. 20, 2019 | 14:00:59

We all know that cheap latex finger gloves can cause cancer. How can we tell the difference between latex gloves. The following Latex Gloves Making Machine Exporter will share us how to use a simple method to distinguish the quality of latex gloves. 

Latex finger sleeve manufacturers point out that the international food packaging association executive vice President and secretary general online environmental expert dong jinshi said, the quality of rubber gloves can be identified by fire, low quality rubber gloves after burning, will be a thick black smoke, burning after a lot of smoke, the rest will be granular things. And good quality gloves, although there will be black smoke, but relatively small, smoking is not a lot of smoke, the final remaining black material sticky.

Latex Gloves Production Line

Experimental steps:

Step 1: cut three gloves with scissors

Step 2: light three gloves with a lighter

Step 3: let it burn completely and see the results.

High quality rubber gloves, through the light more uniform, less impurities, the taste of rubber is small, pull back quickly after recovery. And low quality rubber gloves are more impurities, will have a lot of black spots, the smell is very spicy, after the withdrawal of relatively slow recovery.

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