How To Use Medical Latex Gloves Correctly?

Apr. 17, 2019 | 15:47:46

How To Use Medical Latex Gloves Correctly

Latex Gloves Production Line Supplier would like to share the correct application of medical latex gloves.

1.1 wearing dry gloves method: dip a little talcum powder (or medical starch) into your hands first to facilitate the wearing of gloves. Hold the inside surface of the glove reflexed part with your right hand and take out a pair of dry gloves. Pull the reflexed part of the glove over the cuff without exposing the wrist; Do not touch the outside of the gloves before wearing them. Do not touch the skin after wearing the gloves. Rinse the gloves with sterile saline powder and then operate.

1.2 wet gloves with hand after disinfection, while wet gloves, from sheng basin take wet gloves in a pair of gloves, water in the gloves, left hand after swiping set, slightly lifted the left hand, let the outflow water along the wrist wear well, and then left into the reflex of outside ring wear the right hand, raised his right hand, and make the water wrist outflow (wearing gloves can also be) right side first, wear gown, gloves reflex areas on the cuff, no show wrist, conditional hospital should not be commonly use this method.

1.3 wearing double gloves wearing double gloves can reduce the risk of exposure of the wearer. If the wearing of double gloves is required for certain operations (such as chemotherapy and bone marrow puncture), loose gloves are required so that one can be put on top of the other.

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1.4 replacement gloves gloves should be replaced after touching suspected contaminated areas or objects in the same patient before touching mucous membranes. Before handling non-contaminants or handling other patients, remove gloves and wash hands immediately or with disinfectant to prevent transmission of microorganisms to other patients or objects.

1.5 time of wearing gloves the longer the time of wearing gloves, the more vulnerable the maintenance barrier is. Handling gloves in harsh conditions, or handling a variety of chemicals, may cause weariness, and gloves should be replaced as appropriate during handling. Gloves that are damaged or contaminated during surgery should be replaced immediately.

1.6 during the application of the glove, the source of infection will contaminate the outer surface of the glove. It is very important to correctly remove the glove. When removing the glove, it is not allowed to be pulled forcibly. The fault off the gloves, may lead to the transmission of pollutants outside the gloves, at this time, even good barrier function is meaningless.

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