Types of gloves and maintenance matters

Apr. 24, 2019 | 10:31:44

Types of gloves and maintenance matters

Cast Steel Hand Moulds Base wholesaler shares that industrial gloves, protective range, in addition to the resistance to chemical plant-based, and cutting, electric insulation, waterproof, cold, heat, fire flame retardant, and other functions, the general anti acid and alkali gloves and resistance to chemical protective gloves are not equal, because many chemicals relative glove material has different penetration, so when need, should choose to have all kinds of chemical penetration of protective gloves. Protective gloves are upper limb protective equipment that protects the operator's fingers from physical, chemical and biological external factors. The hand is a vulnerable part of the body during work. High-temperature gloves are made of aluminized fabrics, leather, fiberglass and flame retardant fabrics.

Gloves are supposed to protect you. Make excuses for not wearing gloves when you do your homework. "It's in the cupboard and there's no time to get it." Wait, you're asking for it. Gloves can be worn in seconds to protect workers from all kinds of injuries. Different labor protection gloves are designed for specific hazards. Knowing the type of gloves required is an indispensable preparation before work. 

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For the best protective effect of gloves, the following measures should be taken:

(1) clean and dry hands when wearing;

(2) wash the chemicals off the gloves as much as possible before removing them;

(3) store in an appropriate place;

(4) regular replacement. Although damage is sometimes not visible, constant exposure to chemicals can slowly damage the glove's performance.

(5) avoid handling different chemicals with the same pair of gloves.

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