Various materials of Latex glove

Nov. 02, 2017 | 16:08:11

Latex gloves are different from the usual gloves.Gloves are divided into cotton yarn, plush, leather and so on by material. The commonly used material for making gloves is fiber.

PU or latex coating - suitable for oily or greasy environments.

Several commonly used gloves Material:

(1) wire glove  - mainly used to manufacture anti-cutting gloves. This kind of material anti-cutting performance of the strongest, and easy to clean, but the quality, the use of inconvenient.

(2) Kevlar, Spectra and other synthetic yarn - is also a good synthetic fiber anti-cutting material, although the anti-cutting ability than wire, but the light, the use of comfort

(3) nitrile glove - with anti-wear and anti-piercing performance, the use of flexible and comfortable.

(4) natural latex - with excellent flexibility, especially flexible, have a certain anti-wear, tear resistance and anti-cutting performance.

(5) PVC glove - can provide some wear and piercing protection

(6) leather glove- natural material, through a variety of tanning treatment, has a unique performance.

Latex glove