Four Points to Note When Using Nitrile Medical Gloves

Jul. 02, 2020 | 14:34:26

During the epidemic, the hospital will issue nurses and doctors with disposable medical gloves to protect the hands of these angels in white clothes, but sometimes even wearing medical nitrile gloves, if they do not pay attention to the correct use, it will cause injuries to the hands of our medical staff. Today, Nitrile Gloves equipment Suppliers give you four points to note when using disposable nitrile medical gloves:

First, pay attention to these drugs

There are many drugs that often cause damage to gloves made of some materials. If this is a dangerous drug, the degradation of the gloves will cause the human body to be exposed to infectious substances. The drugs that may degrade and penetrate the gloves are: glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde, xylene, hypochlorite solution, alcohol, chemotherapy drugs, grease, petroleum ointment, non-polymeric bone cement and many other disinfectants, bactericides and general Chemicals, so it is best to wear double gloves when encountering these drugs. You can also buy some nitrile gloves with stable chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance.

Second, pay attention to glass instruments

Glossy gloves will also affect the safety of use. Sharp objects, glass tubes, vacuum bottles, and metal instruments can slip off, especially when the gloves are wet, increasing the risk of the gloves being broken during treatment of the patient, resulting in the spread of the source of infection. The use of meshed and non-lubricated gloves can make the grip more secure. The non-slip design of the working face of the glove can also be purchased to improve the safety during operation.


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Third, pay attention to these sticky things

When the adhesive tape, trademark, electrocardiogram or other viscous materials stick to the glove and are not easy to remove, the protective barrier of the glove will also be destroyed. At this time, strong removal will tear the glove and should be paid attention to.

Fourth, pay attention to your long nails and jewelry

Long nails and jewelry will not only become a "safe haven" for the source of infection, but also pierce the gloves. When wearing gloves, you should always manicure and remove jewelry. Artificial nails will cause a lot of trouble. Even after effective scrubbing, it is not easy to wash away the fungi and bacteria remaining in the nails. Artificial nails may hook the gloves and make It is more difficult to wear gloves. At this time, the selection of protective gloves should have good tensile strength and wear resistance, and it is not easy to break.

Nitrile Gloves Production Line Suppliers remind you that as long as the gloves are properly selected and used, the risk of daily cross-infection between patients and medical staff can be reduced. Many related factors should be brought to attention. Once the gloves with appropriate protective functions are selected, they should be properly stored and used carefully. The increase in the hospital infection rate is not only related to the destruction of the protective barrier of the gloves, but also related to the presence of dust, chemicals, and crossovers. Exposure to contamination is related to the wrong handling of gloves. Proper selection and use of medical gloves can reduce hospital infection rates.