Price of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Aug. 29, 2020 | 11:30:26

In many industries, people pay special attention to hand protection, especially in the medical industry. In this industry, disposable nitrile gloves have replaced latex gloves. Presumably, you also know that latex gloves can cause hand allergies, and the probability of medical staff allergies is slightly higher than that of other practitioners. In fact, nitrile gloves are the key to driving the growth of the disposable industrial gloves market. Especially in industries that require exposure to corrosive chemicals and solvents, such as the automotive industry, medical industry, food processing industry, and pharmaceutical industry (they often replace latex gloves). So, the price of disposable nitrile gloves? Let's first introduce the functions of disposable nitrile gloves:

Nitrile gloves function:

This glove has an immediate advantage: it does not contain latex. (The latex protein component of latex gloves may be sensitized) This is good news for contacts and users. For example, in a tattoo shop, the tattoo artist may not be allergic to latex, but some customers may be allergic. Nitrile gloves can prevent allergic reactions from customers.

What makes these gloves so popular in the automotive, security and other industries? The answer is: Nitrile, a durable synthetic material.

Nitrile Gloves Making Machine

Nitrile Gloves Making Machine

What is Nitrile?

Unlike disposable latex gloves made of natural rubber, nitrile gloves are synthetic. Nitrile is the abbreviation for nitrile rubber. It is composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene monomers and is the product of the combination of molecules and molecules.

Nitrile gloves come in many colors. This can be used to distinguish sizes and prevent cross-contamination. For example, use blue for middle gloves and indigo for large gloves. Or use blue gloves to touch poultry and green gloves to handle vegetables.

Nitrile gloves are available in many colors and styles. White, blue and indigo gloves are representative. It can represent the operation (gloves) of automobile, medical, industry and tattoo shop respectively.

What are the characteristics of nitrile gloves:

Chemical resistance is the performance of acrylonitrile monomer and one of the most important characteristics of nitrile gloves. Nitriles are resistant to mineral oil, vegetable oil, lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel, and many acids. This is why it has become the first choice (gloves) for automotive, food processing and safety applications. In fact, the EPA also recommends the use of nitrile gloves to provide a protective barrier between hands and paint and organic solvents.

With durable nitrile gloves, dentists and dental hygienists can better maintain the safety barrier between themselves and their patients.

In addition, the puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is 3 to 5 times that of latex gloves. They are also more elastic than vinyl. Because of its sturdiness and durability, dentists prefer gloves made of this material. Especially when using sharp tools, wearing durable nitrile gloves can provide good protection for dentists and dental hygienists.

How to adapt to the shape of the hand is an important issue for disposable materials. Due to the presence of butadiene, the finishing eye becomes a flexible material. It allows the wearer to experience the best feeling. In addition, nitrile gloves can also be worn by hand according to the body temperature. Especially for medical personnel and workers who need to operate small parts, this performance improves flexibility. When choosing nitrile gloves, first choose suitable gloves to use according to your industry. Our company provides high quality Nitrile Gloves Making Machine. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.