What Are the Advantages of PVC Gloves for Comparing Nitrile Gloves?

Feb. 14, 2019 | 15:00:43

The difference between PVC gloves made by PVC Gloves Equipment  and nitrile gloves and their advantages and disadvantages, PVC gloves and nitrile gloves made by Nitrile Gloves Equipment are the two most commonly used gloves on the market. What are their advantages and disadvantages? what differences are there? Let's listen to PVC Fengwang Gloves Equipment Supplier to explain it to everyone.

PVC Gloves Equipment Supplier

Dust-free PVC gloves

(1) Comfortable to wear, long-term wear will not cause skin tension. Conducive to blood circulation.

(2) It does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely produces allergies.

(3) Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, and not easy to break.

(4) The sealing is good, and the most effective way to prevent the dust from being emitted outward.

(5) Excellent anti-chemical performance and resistance to certain pH.

(6) It has no silicon content and has certain antistatic properties, which is suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.

(7) Surface chemical residual material bottom, low ion content, low particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment.