PVC Gloves Support The Fight Against The Epidemic

Aug. 19, 2022 | 16:40:43

At present, like masks, disposable gloves have also become a shortage of protective supplies on all fronts in the fight against the epidemic. Affected by the epidemic, the PVC production workshop could not produce at full capacity due to the lack of personnel, capital, and raw materials, but we overcame many difficulties.

PVC Production Line

We are determined to win the epidemic prevention and control blockade, resolutely obey the company's arrangements, and take the lead to go to the front line of PVC production.


The disposable PVC gloves produced by our company are powder-free and transparent, slightly elastic and non-irritating, with good glove fit and Inside and outside skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, good grip, and very good quality! We have received good comments from new and old customers!

Disposable PVC gloves

So our company's maximum strength is to ensure maximum output to meet the needs of the various sectors of society and the current epidemic of PVC protective gloves. In addition, after the epidemic, to help the community to prevent and control the epidemic to the end.