Nitrile gloves should be used with attention

May. 05, 2019 | 11:13:47

Following shared by the Nitrile Gloves Production Line Exporter.

Note when wearing nitrile gloves:

1. Do not wear rings or other jewelry on your hands;

2. The fingernails should be regularly trimmed, not too long, to avoid damage to the fingertips of gloves;

3. Avoid puncture of sharp objects, such as needles and toothpicks;

4. Take off the glove is to be gradually withdrawn from the wrist, not from the local fingers;

5. Pay attention to the size when selecting, too small will form the blood circulation is not smooth, too big will simply fall off;

6. Regular inspection is required. If any damage is found, it cannot be used again.

Nitrile Gloves Production Line

Nitrile gloves should be stored with attention:

1. Avoid light and store in a cool, ventilated and boring place with low temperature;

2. Close packaging to avoid dust pollution and oxidation of gloves;

3. All products have a certain shelf life, so we should use the gloves as soon as they are produced to avoid quality damage.

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