What Is TPE Glove

May. 20, 2021 | 14:48:12

What Is TPE Glove

In addition to vinyl gloves, latex gloves, and nitrile gloves, two new types of gloves have also become popular: cast polyethylene (CPE) gloves and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves.

It looks a lot like vinyl gloves, but thinner than vinyl gloves. TPE gloves are soft and strong, more elastic than other PE gloves.

TPE gloves are an upgraded version of CPE gloves. Different materials and different manufacturing methods make it stronger than CPE gloves, even stronger than PVC gloves, close to nitrile.

What are TPE gloves made of

TPE gloves are made of thermoplastic elastomers, which can be molded multiple times when heated. Thermoplastic elastomers also have the same elasticity as rubber.

Industrial manufacturers classify thermoplastic elastomers as "specialty" plastic resins for two reasons. First, compared with "commercial" resins such as polyethylene, they have a lower output and higher costs. Second, they are used for more specialized purposes than "commercial" resins.

In addition to TPE gloves, products such as adhesives and footwear are also produced using thermoplastic elastomers.

TPE glove market and industry

Like CPE gloves, TPE gloves are specifically designed for the foodservice and food processing industries. TPE gloves can be considered as a substitute for vinyl gloves because they touch and feel like vinyl gloves, but are thinner and cheaper than vinyl gloves.

When to use TPE gloves

TPE gloves are another good alternative to vinyl gloves because they are cheaper. They are also a good choice for polyethylene gloves.

Features of TPE gloves

TPE gloves, like CPE gloves, are known for their durability. Their weight is lighter than CPE gloves, and they are also flexible and elastic products.

When to use CPE or TPE gloves

If you are evaluating TPE and/or CPE gloves as a substitute for vinyl or latex gloves, we recommend that you contact your trusted glove partner. They can help you choose the best alternative solution for a particular application.

Why choose TPE instead of vinyl?

1. TPE gloves are much thinner than vinyl gloves, they are more comfortable to wear and feel better.

2. TPE gloves are cheaper than vinyl gloves, saving budget.

3. TPE gloves look and feel like vinyl gloves, but are stronger and more durable than vinyl gloves.

4. Both TPE and vinyl are suitable for food processing, but TPE is easier to wear and replace.

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